Creating Beauty Spot / Mole

Creating a beauty mark is done for enhancement of appearance, we do it medically without the risk while you get to have the perfect desired spot you were looking for.

Ear Cleansing Therapy

Specially curated facial like treatment for your ears. Recommended for everyone once in 3 months to keep the ear and the surrounding area clean.

Under Eye Brightening Therapy

Dark discoloration around the eyes is one of the most common concerns. These dark circles may be associated with under-eye bags & under-eye hollows. We at Richa’s Medi Spa with the help of our experts would be giving you a customised solution as per your need.

Under Arm Therapy

Includes under arm waxing, deep cleansing and a nourishing therapy to keep them clean, bright and beautiful.

Lip Nourishing Therapy

Includes lip exfoliation, serum and hydrating balms to plum your dry chapped lips, make them look fuller and baby soft again.

Lip Tattooing

Medical tattooing to keep the lips tinted for long.

Knee & Elbow Peels

Say goodbye to patchy dark areas, Get to know more ways to reduce the darkening of knee and elbow darkening.

Ancillary Services

Experience the desirable waxed body look that gives you a silky smooth skin finish. Our waxing method is personalized and customized for you; our unique waxing treatment method is specially designed for clients with sensitive skin. We offer waxing services for eyebrow waxing, lip wax, chin wax, leg waxing, underarm waxing and more.

[All types of waxing available]