Hey there!
I’m so glad that you’ve made it here!

It’s me Richa and this is my world.
Today an entrepreneur, tomorrow an art enthusiast, and who knows what the day after!

But I am and always will be a person who believes that Life is Short and the world my dear, is magnificent! I want to be known for who I am and not for what I do, and this is who I am right here right now!

Society told me go get a degree, & this is what I've made out of it

Richa's Medi Spa

Beauty under One Roof

I have always enjoyed my own company, & I wanna teach the world how to!

Live in Love With Myself

21 Days 21 Challenges​

Art & Gifts have always got the best of me, and here I am giving my best to you.


Indian Tailor-made तोहफा curated with love!

"You are your own story"